“I confidently refer patients to all the acupuncturists at West Berkeley Wellness, especially when complex cases arise that need extra healing and support.  The care that they offer is outstanding.  They have expertly diagnosed and treated a variety of conditions with a thoroughness and professionalism that matches their warmth.  In addition to the caliber of care offered, the office is a beautiful sanctuary for relaxation in both sight and sound.”

– Dr. Johanna Lelke

“I began treatment for stress and anxiety that was causing me to have issues with insomnia and tense muscle aches throughout my body. I was dealing with a crisis in my life and had tried talking to a therapist, but it did not seem to resolve my actual health issues. Miero’s care that first visit turned me into a long-term patient at Berkeley Wellness. Within that first week, all my symptoms seemed to disappear. I slept a full 8-hours, and when I would wake up in the middle of the night, I was able to fall back asleep. Miero also recommended some herbs for me to take throughout the week that has helped tremendously. I also tried cupping with Miero and had a much more pleasant experience than I have had with other practitioners in the past. All in all, I am so happy that I found Miero and will continue to recommend her to anyone facing health issues or who just want to try out acupuncture!”

– Ayo, Patient

“I injured my lower back jumping off tires during a bootcamp. After six weeks of very little improvement, while merely picking up a pen, pain suddenly increased to the point where I could barely breathe, I couldn’t walk (I felt an intolerable burning numbness in my knee and foot), and I reached a level 10 in terms of pain.  It was a scary experience because it was a new kind of pain and I had no idea when it would cease.  Within two weeks of treatments at West Berkeley Wellness, the pain reduced tremendously, and I was finally able to engage in the simple acts I had previously taken for granted.  Everyone there is a healer and is indeed worthy of recognition. They excel at specifically targeted treatment plans related to pain and emotional release.”

– Christoph, Patient

“I started seeing Dr. Erika for an eye condition, headaches and ankle pain, and responded very well to her treatments. I am a healthcare professional myself, and wasn’t making headway with my complaints before finding her. To my relief, my eye condition and headaches started to improve after the first treatment. I have found many other advantages to her treatments such as I feel more relaxed, sleep better, and feel better overall. Her treatments have been very effective.

Dr. Erika is not only exceptionally intelligent and knowledgeable, but she is also kind, compassionate and intuitive. She takes a holistic approach, trying to understand you and your body, and always takes her time asking a lot of questions. She explains everything to you in a helpful way and does everything she can to make you feel comfortable and more at ease. She offers Chinese herbs and supplements, and offers guidance on nutrition, exercise, and other ideas to support your body’s recovery, health and wellness. Her suggestions have honestly changed my life.

The treatment rooms at West Berkeley Wellness are warm, inviting and have a calming feel to them. Dr. Erika is professional, trustworthy, caring and knowledgeable. I recommend her to anyone either considering acupuncture for the first time or looking for a new practitioner. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have found her.”

– Tracy, Patient

“I’ve been a patient at West Berkeley Wellness for over 8 years. The progress in my health has been remarkable and the lifestyle adjustments have been enormously beneficial. I’ve seen huge improvements with insomnia, heavy menstrual cycles, digestive issues, and anxiety levels. Everyone there is caring and compassionate which for me counts for a lot. They even did consults and sent me herbs both times I lived abroad.  Highly recommended.”

– Malika, Patient

“I’ve had a fantastic experience working with Aimee. She is very conscious about making everything as ideal as possible for her patients and the beauty of the center is an expression of that. I’m sure it’s the most beautiful health and wellness office I’ve been to. Aimee has tuned me up several times this year–relieving various aches and pains and helping me relax overall. She is through in her questioning and planning of a treatment. She also checks in before, during and after a treatment. Having received quite a few acupuncture treatments, I can say Aimee has exceptional skills.”

– Karen, Patient

“My experience at the West Berkeley Wellness Center is like none other, I love Miero who is always very flexible with her schedule and caring to my worries, aches and pains. I am always telling my patients about it and suggesting to them to try it. The feeling after my sessions are great, and I find myself feeling so much better and the points that we hit with each session, well I can just say they are always on point.”

– Alicia E.